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A Day Late and a Dollar (or more) Short

Ah yes, a blog. I guess it had to happen sooner or later; after phasing out most of my social media I was still in search of a fun way to share ideas, lessons, and connect.

Here it is! The LivingReal.Today site/blog/share spot/thing. The idea jumped into my head during meditation yesterday (more on meditation later;)), and after sleeping on it I thought -TOTALLY DOING IT!!

Man, it would have been nice to start right on the first day of the year, and technically I could just change the date and no one would know the difference (insert shady pondering face here)......hmmmmm......NO! I would know (bad Kadian bad!). And besides, this just sorta sums up life perfectly, "A Day Late and a Dollar Short", but still happy and still motivated to live a great and authentic life.

I can't promise to have gripping posts, or even super regular posts, there will be grammatical errors, spelling errors, and pretty odd shit (oh, there might be swearing sometimes too)...But I CAN promise to be honest with my thoughts, open with my experiences, and willing to learn just as much as I am willing to teach.